Anne & Addy at the beachBelieving that yoga is one of the most nourishing ways of movement available to support health in the mind and body, I am teaching yoga, focusing on different special needs as well as in community classes and privately. When I began to practice yoga again one of the first things I noticed was that my body and mind felt healthier than I had in a long time. I began to understand how to move my body and breath together and really notice how I was feeling. I learned that you don’t have to have a perfect body to have a practice that makes you much healthier in every way. When I completed my 200 hour training, I decided I would like to incorporate what I had learned to reach others who may be feeling like I had: stress, noticing the body aging and never enough time. I thought teaching yoga could be a way to reach out and show that you can achieve wellness, and more than that, you deserve to have wellness.

I have found a wonderful learning and practicing home at The Bhaktishop Yoga Center in Portland. Currently in the midst of completing my 300 hour advanced yoga training I am able to bring the knowledge from amazing teachers to my classes. Previous to this I attended workshops and trainings to get certified in serving those with mobility and thought challenges.

A Matter of Balance training through OHSU Think First Fall Prevention Program focused on incorporating mindfulness and movement training for seniors. I have supported this training by completing a Therapeutic Yoga For Seniors program. I received certification through Yoga Warriors International, a training that specializes in needs of our Veterans suffering from PTSD. Most recently I completed training through Street Yoga specializing in Trauma Informed Yoga. I incorporate many of the opportunities presented in these classes to teach mindfulness, breathwork and movement.

One of my favorite community classes to teach is Yin Yoga. I love combining meditation and breath with thoughtful movement. Yin yoga is a juicy way to go inward and move safely within your edges. My yin teaching is influenced by Paul and Suzee Grilley, Bernie Clark, Sarah Powers and Biff Mithoefer. I am so happy to teach this class once a week through Albany Parks and Recreation.

Addy at the BeachWhen I’m not practicing or teaching, between work, you can find me at the Oregon Coast spending time with my husband, Jerry and my dog Addy. I also enjoy baking and cooking and love to combine a fusion of fresh herbs from our garden with homemade breads, bone broth and vegetables.

I hope that you are able to come to one of my classes or we are able to share a practice. Whether teaching an All Level Hatha Yoga, Trauma Informed Chair Yoga, Yin Yoga or privately in my home studio, I love teaching and helping people enjoy the body they are in and the breath that moves you.

Thank you for taking time to share my site. Namaste,