Upcoming Classes by Anne

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Hatha Yoga class @SamFit

Come see me at SamFit on Thursday evening at 7:30 PM.

We are doing a fun, breath focused Hatha Yoga class.
Come and be challenged by feeling grounded and coming into poses to notice the other part of the body that is moving besides the obvious.

Beautiful Yoga

See You @LBCC This Fall

See Your Linn-Benton Community College Fall Catalog for my new classes.

Register online or by mailing the form in the catalog.

All classes are 1 hour and 50 minutes.


Have a Wall and a Chair? 

I Have a Wall and a Chair – Learn some super fun poses when you don’t have time for a community class and can even do the poses at work.

Albany Activity Center – September 29

Wall and a Chair

Breathe Beautiful Yoga

I Love Feet!

I Love Fee t- We will work on some fun ways you can give your feet some love.

  This class is all about noticing feet and how they are supporting you.

Albany Activity Center-November 17

Benton Center-November 3


Yoga for Caregivers

Caregivers have so much work to do they often don’t have chance for any self care.

Come to this class to learn some poses that you can do to help support you and breath work to bring calm.

Benton Center-September 30

LBCC Sweet Home-October 10

LBCC Lebanon Annex-November 18

Beautiful Yoga

Strength and Balance for Seniors

Strength and Balance for Seniors-chair and standing exercises to reduce fall risks.

  Based on the Evidence Based Practice, A Matter of Balance

Albany, Swanson Center, Tuesday and Thursday 11:00-11:50

Lebanon Senior Center, Monday and Wednesday 2:30-3:20

Breathe Beautiful

Yin Yoga

A class done mostly on the floor or seated.

Gentle stretches that we hold for up to 5 minutes and you can move in and out of the pose.

Albany, Swanson Center,Tuesday and Thursday 1:30-2:20

Lebanon Senior Center, Saturday 7:30 AM to 8:20 AM

Just Breathe


An all level class with something for everyone.

Done on the floor, seated and standing with modifications offered and noticing the breath is emphasized.

Albany, Boys and Girls Club, Tuesday and Thursday 9:00-9:50

Albany, Swanson Center, Tuesday and Thursday 2:30-3:20

Beautiful Yoga